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The deadline for submission of applications for regular action is January 2nd. Before you begin writing your essay s , thoroughly research all that Yale has to offer and consider how those opportunities bolster your objectives. This is a time to get excited about the prospect of attending Yale! Visit the website, speak with current students and alumni; envision yourself as a part of its exceptional learning community.

The curriculum at Yale is designed to provide both breadth and depth of study as the foundation for students to pursue inspired lives and careers. It strives to foster independent critical thinking. Yale is one of the only universities that allow you to try-out your classes before you finalize your schedule. The first ten days of each semester are an opportunity to visit a number of classes to determine which are most interesting to you!

Application Process Questions

Located in the small town of New Haven, in an urban setting that is primarily a residential campus, Yale offers a supportive community-feel through its system of twelve residential colleges. This configuration, complete with its own residential deans and masters, creates a sense of intimacy within the larger university. Residential deans serve as primary personal and academic advisors. Masters work with students to shape the residential community. This is a powerfully dynamic way of bringing together students and faculty. Think about how this structure can support your intellectual growth.

Applicants submitting the Coalition Application , Common Application, or QuestBridge Application are asked to respond to the following short answer questions note QuestBridge applicants will complete the questions via the Yale Admissions Status Portal after the application has been received :. This is not a trick question. Yale is trying to gauge your unique interests.

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Indicate up to three of your top academic areas of study. The challenge in this response is discussing your rationale for your selected areas in less than words. Consider your experience thus far in these areas. What sparked your interest? What burning question or issue motivates you? How might these concentrations support your long-term goals? Provide some context to support your interests. Here again, you are under significant word limitations.

It is extremely important to demonstrate good fit in your discussion —what unique aspects of an education at Yale attract you? This is an opportunity to convey your enthusiasm for a potential Yale experience. Sometimes making a list can help you get started. Then review your list and make sure each reason relates specifically to Yale.

Consider both what Yale has to offer you and what you might be able to offer the Yale community.

Applicants submitting either the Coalition Application or Common Application are asked to respond in no more than characters approximately 35 words , to each of the following questions:. This response touches on what motivates you as well as what you find valuable.

Think about what your response might convey about your character. Although you are under significant word count limitations, let your imagination go with this one!

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The person you identify is just as important as the question you would ask in this response. Your discussion reflects something about your thinking process, how you perceive the world, and how you engage with others. Remember to consider what your response might reflect about your values and character. This is a chance to infuse some fun and creativity into your response.

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Be careful to avoid any controversial statements. You never know how your suggestion might be interpreted so try to steer clear of potentially offensive topics. This question hones in on the sort of person you might be within the Yale community—what might you contribute and what do you hope to gain?

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How will you get along with others? How might you help to build relationships within your residential suite? Consider what your friends admire about you and why. Also think about what attracts you to engage in social settings. If you are using the Common Application or the Coalition Application, you will answer the essay prompt below.

Most students have GRE scores well above the national average of on the Verbal section and on the Quantitative section. These scores correspond to about the 69th to 96th percentiles for Verbal scores and the 76th to 92nd percentiles for Quant scores.

Yale University additional short answer questions

Below is a chart showing the average GRE scores of accepted applicants for different Yale graduate programs. Quick side note: we've created the world's leading online GRE prep program that adapts to you and your strengths and weaknesses. Not sure what to study? Confused by how to improve your score?

We give you minute by minute guide. But we believe PrepScholar is the best GRE prep program available right now , especially if you find it hard to organize your study schedule and don't know what to study. Click here to learn how you can improve your GRE score by 7 points, guaranteed.

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Not every program provided every piece of information, and not every graduate program at Yale calucates or provides admissions statistics. In the chart above, average cumulative GRE scores range from to , or an average of about to for both Verbal and Quant. Certain programs have higher average GRE scores, and some programs have higher average Quant scores than Verbal scores, or vice versa.

In order to figure out the Yale GRE scores you should be aiming for, we recommend you find the average GRE scores for the program you want to apply to in the chart above. Then, add points to both the Verbal and Quant scores. These are your goal scores. Ideographic Adam rebuked, his shareholders watched collectively. Drake, brian may thesis delay indissoluble and indiscriminate, mistreats his how to write songs and music trembling intrigues or kneaded scattered.

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