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October: Dirk Hartog landed the Eendracht on Dirck Hartog Island off the coast of Western Australia and left a pewter plate with his name and the date.

He stayed on the island for two days. The crew of the Leeuwin mapped the south coast of Western Australia noting that it curved eastwards. Publication of the Map of the Pacific--the oldest existing map showing any part of Australia - compiled by VOC cartographer Hessel Gerritszoon note and including the information gathered by Janszoon in The Leijden returned to the west coast After sailing north for help. Fransisco Pelsaert returned in the ship Sardam and rescued the survivors of the Batavia mutiny.

The Colonization Of Europeans Into The North America

November: Wouter Loos and Jan Pelgrom De Bye--two of the mutineers of the Batavia mutiny--were taken in a small boat to the mouth of the Hutt River on the mainland and were left with equipment, but to fend for themselves, as punishment for their role in the mutiny. First recorded immigrants to Australia.

Sir Robert Dudley published the first map by an Englishman in Latin including part of the Australian coastline. Jan Janszoon note Zeeuw mapped the Australian coastline in the Leeuwerik approximately degrees S. His artist made the first European pictorials of Australia.

The Discovery of Australia: How the Dutch won the race to the Great South Land

Abraham Leeman and thirteen others, having been abandoned by Volckersen on the Green Islets off the central west coast of Western Australia, sailed back to Java in a small boat with almost no food or water--only four survived the ordeal. He saw Aborigines, their huts and tools. Captain Daniel sailed the London around the northern part of the De Houtman Abrolhos Islands and made the first description of part of Australia in English and the first map of part of Australia in English.

The first recorded French contact with Australia.

Australia For Convicts During The British Domain History Essay

The Ridderschap van Holland was possibly shipwrecked on the Western Australian coast, or could have been taken by pirates. James Couper. He travelled 80 kms inland on the Swan River with ship's artist Victorszoon note making pictorials of the coast. De Vlamingh replaced Hartog's pewter plate and then charted Christmas Island on his return trip. Also landed on Dirck Hartog Island. Attacked by locals.

The Zuytdorp was wrecked on the West Australian coast, 60 kms north of the mouth of the Murchison River. After some time, the survivors moved north, never to be seen again by Europeans. In the survivors' campsite on the river was discovered. Coins helped identify the wreck.

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The Dutch didn t give Australia to the British, since they never claimed it.