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We interviewed her about her experience as a student to gain insight into the field of early childhood education from the perspective of a future teacher. A: The field of early childhood education has always been a part of my life. I suppose I am a product of the environment I grew up in. Surrounded by the sounds of the schoolyard, of crayons and glue, I am at home.

A creative at heart, I thought I could crack the gaming animation industry. My heart was sick and I realized years after graduating college that I needed to get back to my roots. I was going back home to early childhood education. The only difference is that now I am pursuing the piece of paper that will legitimatize my claim to native land.

What I find stunning is the diversity among those who are entering early childhood education. Though still heavily female dominated, more men are challenging these conventional roles and bringing with them new insights into teaching. Male teachers often bring alternative ways to teach language and literacy, especially with those children who learn best during gross motor activities.

This on top of an ever growing, more culturally diverse and aware teacher base; the typical kindergarten teacher is bringing far more to circle time than ever before. Of twenty-five students, there were three who spoke fluent Japanese, two Korean students, one lovely Hispanic lady, two enthusiastic German women, one Muslim student who spoke Arabic, and a young gentleman with a background in music. I doubt you can get a greater mix of students if you tried. This is an exciting time.

They can feel what the child feels when they accomplish and when they fail. It is rooting for them when they are so close to the finish line, dusting them off when they fall, listening when they talk, and realizing exploration of the world through their eyes is its own reward. Anyone who is around young children will notice one thing—just how much they talk to themselves while playing. They bleat and sing, yammer and gabble, chat and prattle such a stream of nonsense that it overflows most of the time like a carbonated orange soda, fizzing over your nice, newly ironed suit onto the car floorboard.

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What to do? How do you preserve such joy, such uninhibited creativity? Keep it loose and unobtrusive; remember you are a guest in their world. Earning a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education can lead to an entertaining and long term career within the school system, as a preschool teacher, day care provider, elementary school teacher with certification , or even as a private consultant. There are many options when an education degree is earned.

Visit our Preschool Teacher Career Page to learn more about becoming a preschool teacher. The following are also common requirements:. The average length to complete a master's program when attending full time is 2 to 3 years or 4 to 6 semesters. Some colleges offer an accelerated program to those already teaching. Those with a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education can become preschool directors, Head Start directors, teachers or directors for private child care, or in many cases - birth to three coordinators.

Many people chose to partner this degree with teacher certification in order to become an elementary school teacher. A Doctorate in Early Childhood Education typically require proof of a master's degree with experience in the field, reference letters, and a statement of purpose. If entering a program with a master's degree, the average length of time for completion is 3 to 5 years.

Entering without a master's degree typically adds at least 1 year to any program. A Doctoral degree is highly respected, which means that any program you enter should be accredited. The purpose of gaining a doctorate is to provide proof of your knowledge and abilities, if attending an unaccredited program this may be impossible.

A Doctorate in Early Childhood Education can lead to several career paths. A doctorate allows the holder to be an early childhood education specialist, a professor, a preschool director, or a day care director. This cost varies greatly from school to school. Earning a degree in Early Childhood Education can open the door to a range of different career options. Below are just a few of the opportunities available to those in the field of early childhood education:.

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An early childhood education specialist is a preschool teacher for ages birth to kindergarten. This person will be responsible for implementing a given curricula, while assessing students to ensure developmental milestones are being met. A center director is often in charge of hiring, choosing and maintaining a curriculum, while forming partnerships with students, families, educators, and community members. An early childhood specialist with a master's degree could hold a job as a grant writer.

Though the number of jobs is limited, it is growing at a slight rate. This job would require writing grants for organizations needing funding or additional monies.

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The special education teacher will work with young children with exceptional needs using a specialized curricula. Job growth in this area is steady as more children are attending preschool. Special education is a challenging and rewarding field. Jobs tend to be plentiful. Schooling to earn an early childhood education degree can be rather costly. It's a good idea to be aware of the different scholarships and grants available to those who study early childhood education.

The following scholarships may help early childhood education students pay for school:. To apply, you must be a graduate or undergraduate student in an accredited college or university United States. Applicants will also need to complete the application form in its entirety, submit a copy of your most recent transcript, and submit a word essay on the "Right to Work" principle as it applies to educators. If you are interested in becoming a Montessori teacher with Montessori training, the Teacher Education Scholarships for aspiring Montessori teachers could be right for you.

Entrants are considered on the basis of a compelling personal statement, financial need, and 3 letters of recommendation. Applicants must also provide official verification of acceptance into an AMS-affiliated program. The Bright Futures Scholarship program supports students in the field of early childhood education by offering to provide financial assistance to those who wish to become early childhood teachers.

Applicants should be enrolled in an associate's, bachelor's, or master's program at an accredited university or college in the US. You may read more on the eligibility requirements by visiting the official scholarship page. There are many more scholarships available, including Teacher.

Visit our Scholarships and Grants page for a more detailed list. We are happy to release our Teacher. This list was compiled by scoring several areas including, relative size of the program, graduation rates, default rates, tuition affordability, and online education options availability. More information about each college listed is available by clicking on the web address provided.

Over colleges were analyzed and the top 20 were included in our Best Colleges Ranking. Deemed the fourth largest university in the area of metropolitan Philadelphia, West Chester University of Pennsylvania is a public, comprehensive institution with undergraduate programs that actively engage students to transfer learned skills to the world in which they live and work.

WCU's Bachelor of Science in Education in Early Grades Preparation is designed to provide a general background in education, an understanding of children's social, emotional, and developmental milestones, as well as providing candidates with the skills and confidence required to guide and teach them.

Learn more by visiting the college website at wcupa. With an emphasis on art education in the early education classroom, the program prepares student for a future of working with young children who are discovering the world around them. CUNY students graduate with a keen understanding of how they affect and shape the children in their care every day.

Learn more by visiting the college website at brooklyn. Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania ranks in the top schools in the northeast. With small classes and a faculty to student ratio of , Bloomsburg University prepares and inspires students to become dynamic and confident leaders. Their Bachelors of Science in Early Childhood Education offers the opportunity to develop knowledge of the nature of the child and their learning process while building a strong foundation of subject knowledge in order to become an effective teacher of students from pre K to grade 4.

Learn more by visiting the college website at bloomu. Georgia College and State University is Georgia's designated public liberal arts university. Offering an expansive undergraduate educational experience, Georgia College's Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education offers a field based approach to learning the theory and practice associated with child learning and development. Students are paired with mentor leaders and offered opportunities to collaborate with their peers for a well-rounded learning experience.

Learn more by visiting the college website at gcsu. Meeting both state and national standards, the program focuses on the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that are critical for today's teachers to promote student success, as well as the cognitive and emotional milestones that mark children's developmental phases. Learn more by visiting the college website at salisbury. Located in southern Pennsylvania, Shippensburg University provides its students with small classroom sizes for a more personalized learning experience.

Graduates of the Bachelors of Science degree in Special Education and Early Childhood Education become eligible to teach in preschool through eighth grade classrooms. Students are given the opportunity to apply their knowledge with children and professionals in various educational settings. Learn more by visiting the college website at ship. Adjacent to the borough of Kutztown, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania offers outstanding academic programs in education. With an emphasis on field based experiences and current research and theory, a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Kutztown University enables successful candidates to teach classes from pre-kindergarten through grade 4 or from grade 4 to 8 with emphasis on child development, cognition and learning, assessment and pedagogy.

Learn more by visiting the college website at kutztown. With a faculty to student ratio of , students receive a personalized and hands-on education while completing their Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education. Successful candidates are streamed toward field placement and licensure, and enables candidates to teach pre-kindergarten through grade three.

Learn more by visiting the college website at udayton. Located in the town of Menomonie, Wisconsin, the University of Wisconsin-Stout is a proud polytechnic university. The program, which includes hours of practicum experience, can be expanded to include special education learning or education of grades four to six in addition to the scope of the ECE degree program. Learn more by visiting the college website at uwstout.

Originally founded as a teacher's college, Millersville University of Pennsylvania is located in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area. It is one of the most highly regarded public universities in its region and is ranked in the top ten public universities in the north. Millersville University's Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education can be completed in eight semesters and is recognized by the state for certification to teach grades pre-kindergarten through four. Successful students may apply for a Pennsylvania Instructional I teaching certificate.

Learn more by visiting the college website at millersville. Just eight miles north of Baltimore, Towson University is amongst the largest of public universities in Maryland. Founded on the understanding that teaching preschool and primary grades requires special skills and knowledge, the school's Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education degree program leads successful candidates to the Maryland State Certification, qualifying graduates to teach children from birth to grade three.

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Learn more by visiting the college website at towson. The program is flexible, and available on a part-time basis; requirements include hours of field work.

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Compliant with both state and national requirements, the successful graduate will be certified to teach preschool through grade five as well as know how to build and sustain positive school relationships with families, caregivers and other community partners. Learn more by visiting the college website at ung. The University of Alabama at Birmingham, an internationally recognized doctoral research university, is located in central Alabama.

With classes taught by nationally renowned professors and offered on weekends, during the summer, and partially online, UAB's Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education will prepare candidates for a career as a highly qualified teacher by focusing on theory and classroom practical skills regarding child development, reading, primary math methods, pedagogy, classroom management, and other key concepts.

Learn more by visiting the college website at uab. The program prepares professionals to work in educational settings with children and their families and as part of Head Start, preschool programs, as well to own or work in a variety of child care centers. Learn more by visiting the college website at sdstate. Located in the southernmost part of Georgia, Valdosta State University offers a flexible, convenient, and modern approach to teaching.

With courses offered both on-campus and online, the state-accredited Bachelor of Science in Education with a major in Early Childhood Education gives students the opportunity to match educational theory with practice through courses that are supported by structured field experiences.

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Learn more by visiting the college website at valdosta. Located in metropolitan Los Angeles, California State University-Los Angeles has one of the most diverse student population in the nation. Learn more by visiting the college website at calstatela. Well known for its highly regarded education programs and for its one-on-one attention to students from faculty members, Armstrong State University is situated on the Atlantic coast of Savannah, Georgia.

Armstrong students enrolled in the university's Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood gain valuable field placement and internship experience in local schools, and emerge from the program ready to endorse Common Core Georgia performance standards, identify and prevent early learning difficulties, and support community efforts to improve elementary school education. Successful completion of the degree program will lead to state accreditation to teach pre-kindergarten through grade five.

Learn more by visiting the college website at armstrong.